Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain is the general name of the processes which include the supplier, producer, consumer, transport company, personnel, product cycle, transport process and other logistics activities. Since the supply chain concept is about consolidating logistics services, logistics management solutions must also comprise inclusive roles.

Supply chain management has some typical functions in terms of logistics. In summary, these functions consist of the phases of inventory management, warehouse management and shipment management.

What are the benefits of the supply chain?

Professionally establishing and implementing the supply chain has significant benefits for businesses. The benefits that add value to business progress can be summarized as follows:

• Product delivery performance increases with product and industry specific delivery plans.

• With proper planning of shipment, personnel, storage area, inventory management, etc. all costs are reduced.

• By shortening procurement procedures, production continuity is ensured and the profit margin is increased.

• Business integration with technological developments and innovations becomes easier.

• Use of company resources is regularly reported and monitored.

• Higher production and profits are obtained with lower costs.

Netamar solutions for supply chain make you unique

Logistic services are an integral part of the supply chains and an essential component of any business. Logistics services are responsible for ensuring an active role in every aspect, from sourcing raw materials to providing warehousing services, managing inventory, distributing goods, accessing local markets and facilitating international product sales.

It's very important that all logistical processes, from the very first stage of production to the final consumption, are handled by industry leaders who deliver comprehensive global and local trade solutions incorporating all necessary extra services

Acting like a Group of Companies, Netamar:

• Makes transport efficient in all transport systems,

• Implement special solutions for customers,

• Conducts industry-specific research through special teams,

• Provides added value to your business with extra services,

• Inventory tracking, warehouse management, international transportation, local shipments, etc. conducts technological, safe, fast and disciplined studies in all fields,

• Provides a holistic and eclectic service in all types of transport,

• Prioritizes the customer's business profit and does planning with the most appropriate service options.

Netamar examines the sector with the professionalism of a researcher. Combining scientific analysis and traditional experience, it offers specific solutions for the customer.

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