Solutions for Dangerous Goods

Solutions for Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods

Maritime transport is predominantly employed for high-tonnage transportation due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of planning. The carriage of hazardous goods also holds significant importance within the maritime industry. At Netamar, we cater to our customers with a team of seasoned professionals who possess international certifications. Recognizing the potential risks associated with dangerous substances, any potential mishaps could have adverse effects on not only our suppliers and customers but also the environment, the general public, and national services. Therefore, we undertake the following measures in this regard:

The Netamar Group of Companies formulates its solutions for hazardous goods based on the responsibilities of all parties involved. We enhance these solutions with additional services and implement them through tailor-made designs for each customer.

When it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods by sea, both parties share distinctive powers and responsibilities.

 Always have qualified personnel available

 Follow up-to-date regulations on the transport of dangerous goods

 Verify the implementation of current regulations

 Provide the necessary training so that our operation personnel can always keep up to date and improve.

As a logistics company that has adopted respect for nature and people, Netamar pays special attention to the transport of dangerous goods in addition to general cargo. Public safety and the protection of the national heritage require basic rules to be followed. Many companies today transport dangerous goods, but undesirable problems can arise due to insufficient staff training and inadequate equipment. Netamar selects its personnel and equipment very carefully so that its customers and suppliers achieve maximum efficiency when transporting dangerous goods and, at the same time, do not endanger its business by having more than enough human and material resources. Le principali merci pericolose che trasportiamo:

• Chemicals

 Radioactive substances

 Petroleum products and fuels

Operations organised by our IMDG-certified employees are carried out for the transport of the dangerous goods listed above by sea. Problems that may arise during the transfer are analysed in advance and communicated to the parties, the most appropriate method is determined and the problem is solved by conducting a risk analysis before it occurs.

Netamar's dangerous goods transport procedures are as follows:

  1. Controllo degli standard di trasporto merci

Based on the nature of the cargo, it is determined to which class it belongs and is prepared for transport following the appropriate procedure, checking whether appropriate adhesives are available, stacking rules are observed and packaging materials are appropriate. It is then made ready for transport. The aim here is to provide maximum benefit within the standards and minimise risk or damage to our suppliers and customers.

  1. Assign the right personnel to the type of load

Assured that we have provided the correct training, Netamar appoints the appropriate personnel for the load. Having the necessary certificates and up-to-date information in the transport of dangerous goods is among the general characteristics of our personnel.

  1. Transport

At Netamar, we use our own check-list and when the general conditions are completed, we select the most suitable destination and carry out the transport of the goods.

In this context, once the appropriate type of vehicle for the destination has been chosen, the objective is to obtain the maximum benefit, taking into account information on the cargo, whether it is gas or liquid, or whether lashing operations are necessary.


Aware of its responsibility, Netamar keeps your cargo under control and executes the transport process by applying appropriate methods. With its 24/7 accessible customer service network, transparent information, non-avoidance of liability and solution-oriented approach, it does not create an additional burden for the shipper.

You can get detailed information about your dangerous goods transportation from our customer representative by clicking here.