Project Cargo Transport

Project Cargo Transport

Not all loads fit into 20' or 40' containers or into the unit loader. As Netamar, we are constantly prepared for such project cargoes.

We take care of the planning, international shipping, or any other needed authorizations and permits to be taken care of. You can review the details of our service below, or you can contact our customer service department by clicking here.

Neta and Project Transportation

Project transport is the transport of above-the-standard loads from one place to another without damage and on time.

Also the organisation requires special studies.

Time is of utmost importance in any business venture, but it assumes even greater significance in Project Transport. In this line of work, where hefty loads and oversized vehicles are common, precise time management and meticulous planning are a must. The mission is to deliver the shipment to the intended destinations punctually and unharmed.

Netamar successfully executes the work of its business and logistics partners, who have special, turnkey projects.,

After each load has been assessed according to its characteristics and all transport alternatives and costs have been evaluated, the necessary preparations are made using the methods deemed suitable and then it is transported safely.

With its qualified and experienced staff, Neta Shipping continues its path as one of the leading companies in the industry with its meticulous and dedicated work.

We can summarise the features of our Project Transport service as follows:

• Transport of manufacturing machinery and conveyor belts

• Transport of exceptionally large and heavy loads with special types of vehicles

• Transport requiring special equipment

• Transport of aircraft engines

• Transport of wind energy (RES)

• Transport of yachts/motor yachts

• Transport for trade fairs

• Transport of transformers, cranes, complete plants, construction machinery and heavy iron/steel loads

• Rental of lowbeds and ships when required

• Transport requiring special permits

• Livestock transport

What services does Netamar provide in Project Transport?

• Project and scenario management

• Obtaining international road permits

• Provision of technical equipment

• Foreign trade and legislative support

• Local information

• Solutions for heavy loads, warehousing and relocation

• Transport of heavy loads

• Turnkey cost management

• Full and part ship charters

• Packing and securing of materials (anchoring)

• Freight Insurance

• Project-related storage services

Heavy transport

The transport of oversized and heavy tonnage is one of the parts of the logistics industry that requires the most knowledge, experience and expertise.

Neta Denizcilik's experienced staff will calculate for you the materials to be shipped and plan the loading and unloading process including time period, vehicles type, and operations.

Neta Shipping offers you all the equipment used in ports and land transport, integrated with sea transport for heavy and oversized cargo.

The equipment used in heavy transport is not always readily available.

The use of this equipment also requires experience.

Netamar is familiar with both the supply and use of this equipment.

Engineering services

The most distinctive feature that distinguishing heavy transport from other types of transport is a strong technical expertise and its professional implementation. Engineering services are the foundation of efficient operations in this field. Both the transportation method and proper loading necessitate adherence to numerous regulations and systematic calculations.

Assembly services

Particularly in project transports, the door-to-door organization is the most important aspect reflecting the work in the final phase. In this sense, we offer you our service right up to the final installation, for the most common transports in factories, plants, and so on.